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2017-2018 Speakers

September 12, 2017—Babbie Mason

  • Babbie MasonHumble beginnings paved the way for Babbie Mason, an award winning singer, songwriter, teacher and TV talk show host. Her ministry has blessed thousands for three decades and encouraged the hearts of many across the globe. Her newest books, Embraced by God, Celebrating Who and Whose You Are, have a life-changing message for all women that they matter and are able to overcome any adversity they face. She has been a favorite conference guest for Women of Faith, Kay Arthur, Ann Graham Lotz, Beth Moore, Thelma Wells, Billy Graham Crusades, The Grammy Awards, Carnegie Hall, and several US Presidents and other public personalities. Join us to hear Babbie's story and the work that God has done in her life. babbie.com

October 10, 2017—Wendy Torres

  • Wendy Torres As a child, Wendy was abused in multiple ways and abandoned when her parents divorced. Struggling with the pain of a broken home and a shattered identity she attempted to take her life to end the pain, but instead met Christ on her death bed. She later married a minister and suffered through the pain of his pornography addiction and anger issues. She again endured until she found the strength to pull away and get help. Today, she is passionate about being a voice of hope to those who feel hopeless, and offering help to those who feel helpless through her thriving counseling practice, radio shows, speaking opportunities and books. Refreshingtimescounselingcenter.com and mattersoftheheartradio.org

November 14, 2017—Toni Hebel

  • Toni HebelAt age 14, Toni Hebel had an encounter with Christ that forever changed her life. To her surprise, Toni discovered a life dedicated to God, a life of obedience, a life of "doing it all right," was not a life that ensured peace and joy. After striving to make everyone in the congregation happy, suffering betrayal upon betrayal and ending up in severe depression, Toni learned that self-righteousness was no better than unrighteousness and the solution for both was the same. Come hear the very practical solution that set her free. Toni, along with her husband, Bruce, is co-author of the book Forgiving Forward and travels the world sharing her message. forgivingforward.com.

December 12, 2017—Dawn Adkins Knighton, PhD

  • Dawn Adkins Knighton, PhDA face to face, real encounter with God transformed this forty-six time felon, drug addicted prostitute into a powerful, speaker, teacher, counselor, author and Founder and Director of Radical Restoration Ministries, which touches lives around the world. It all started in a prison cell with one surrendered life. As you read Radical Restoration, The Dawn Knighton Story, you will cry and laugh with joy as you follow her amazing journey. Your heart will cry out, "Me too!" Whether it's inmates or wardens, pastors or sinners, everyone who has the opportunity to hear Dawn speak or to read her book wants more of God in their lives. Her question is always, "What can one face to face encounter with God do in your life?" radicalrestorationministries.com

January 9, 2018—Caren Bright

  • Caren BrightCaren Bright was raised by an unstable, mentally ill and abusive mother who married and divorced eight times. She failed 9th grade twice, became another dropout statistic, got kicked out of her home and lured into the sex industry all by the age of 17. Extreme poverty, three children and a failed abusive marriage had Caren Bright on the verge of suicide. In her last moments of despair, Caren called out to this God she'd once heard of and He answered. The Lord asked Caren if she would give Him 50 dates - a special time for just the two of them. Caren was looking for a man to save her and she found one. Come hear more of Caren's story and how God' grace and redeeming love saved her life. pamperlakehighlands.org

February 13, 2018—Melinda Beckendorf Gordon

  • Melinda Beckendorf GordonNever in her wildest dreams did Melinda think a part of her journey would entail the death of a child. If she had known, she surely would never have prayed, "Use me, Lord"...or would she? A powerful story of heartbreak, joy, grief, inspiration, and love, Melinda shares the many lessons she learned in the short life of her daughter, Hope Abigail "Abby." Join us to hear how God can take the pieces of our broken lives and put them together to make a beautiful story! Melinda is a business and life coach, and author of Love Has Come. She and her husband are founders of Abby's Gift, a 501c3 dedicated to pediatric hospice and end of life care for children. Melindagordon.org; AbbysGifts.com

March 13, 2018—Susan Lewis

  • Susan LewisLife was interrupted for Susan when, as a young teen, she had two surgeries to remove a tumor on her skull, the second time resulting in her head shaved. In spite of being a deeply committed Christian, Susan became secretly trapped in the bondage and addiction of eating disorders for almost 20 years. Outside she performed as the perfect daughter, student, cheerleader, but inside she was filled with shame and condemnation. God brought healing and freedom, turning her "mourning into dancing" as she now performs in a dance ministry. Hear how God has miraculously worked in Susan and Rick's life and ministry at Logos Bookstore, established in 1974. LogosDallas.net

April 10, 2018—Angela Zatopek

  • Angela ZatopekAngela Zatopek starred on NBC's "Ready for Love" - a reality dating show - where she "won" the guy and got a proposal, but her stand for "no sex before marriage" seemed to garner the most attention. Angela was the only virgin on the show out of 36 women and stood firm in her faith and purity. Her journey of walking through publicity and criticism plays into her testimony. With a heart for women and reaching the younger generation, her personal and professional stories are a testimonies of how God can use any circumstance to mold us into the woman He wants us to be. Angela's story of reality dating and celibacy is one that you will want to hear. AngelaZatopek.com

May 8, 2018—Mary Breunig

  • Mary BreunigAs an atheist in college, Mary concluded Christianity was for people that were either shallow or lonely, or needed social activities like PTA. Mary's journey to finding Christ began with a Jewish man, her roommate's father, who challenged her to read the Bible. How do you know you don't believe the Bible is true, if you have never read it? Her boyfriend, former All Pro Dallas Cowboy Bob Breunig was an agnostic. Mary and Bob were married shortly after both gave their lives to Christ. Today, 41 years later, they both serve their local church, and on the Boards of several Christian organizations. They raised three sons and one daughter, and have six grandchildren.